Air-Conditioning Unit

  • When turning on your air-conditioner, refrain from switching your thermostat at a cooler setting than needed. Your air-conditioner will not cool faster but will just cool at a colder temperature than what you actually need.
  • Have your filters checked and cleaned every month to avoid over working your air-conditioners. When filters are dirty, the fan has to run longer and eventually consumes more electricity.
  • Try to at least switch off your air-conditioners when leaving the room for more than an hour.
  • Avoid putting TV’s, lamps and computers near the air-conditioner as these cause the compressor to run longer than normal.
  • Inspect the windows and doors of your air-conditioned rooms for leaks, try to fix these leaks by always closing your doors or add window shades to prevent the sunlight from entering. This would remove the heat effectively in the room and will not over work your air-conditioner.
  • Try to minimize the traffic going in and out of your rooms, keep doors closed most of the time.
  • When purchasing your air-conditioner, choose inverters as these are power efficient.
  • Lastly, install your air-conditioner in the coolest side of the room. Do not have it installed directly under the morning and afternoon sun.