PECO would want its consumers to get the best service it can possibly provide, we are in constant growth together with the City of Iloilo. For PECO’s growth to be healthy and well mannered, we have our core values that serves as a backbone for PECO’s continuous healthy growth towards achieving the mission on our everyday operations and the vision we have for Iloilo City.

Unbending Commitment to Integrity

-       adhering to objective moral standards in corporate and personal behavior

-       refusing to engage in any corrupt practice

-       meaning what we say and being transparent towards the public


Focused on Performance and Productivity

-       using Company time and resources in a responsible and efficient manner

-       constantly simplifying production and administrative processes to increase efficiency

-       a passion for quality that meets customer’s expectations

Gives Value to the Organization

-       striving to always give good example in the company and in the community

-       contributing positively to the good reputation of the company

-       building a work environment rooted in trust where people work in solidarity

        to make our vision a reality


Commitment to Customer Service

-       reliable and credible: keeping our promises to consumers

-       communicate proactively: anticipate their needs and inform them promptly

-       making things easier and more pleasant for the consumers

Striving for Excellence

-       pursuing high standards of performance in each area of responsibility

-       showing enthusiasm and support for the work well done

-       doing things right the first time and all the time

Enhancing Performance through Competence

-       continually acquiring new skills and technology

-       eager to share information always and to develop the desire to learn

-       willingness to accept corrections and change for the good