To operate and maintain a technically efficient power distribution system, responsive to the increasing demands for electricity and meeting global standards of efficiency and safety.

To establish an energized and credible organization, where people work with one another harmoniously inspired by genuine respect for each other, where people communicate openly and sincerely for the good of the company and of each individual person, where personalized and participatory form of management generates the best response from our employees, and where sound ethical standards are profoundly respected and lived by all.

To develop a human resource program that aims to attract the right people, matured and competent, to contribute to their personal and professional development, to provide a merit based system where all employees have equal opportunities to develop, and to actively respond to their needs striving for genuine employee satisfaction.

To sustain a credit-worthy and profitable business organization through the practice of a sound, stable and strong financial management, considered vital for a capital-intensive business, highly dependent on creative planning and budgeting process, ensuring the optimal use of financial resources and assets.

To provide outstanding customer service characterized by a reliable and sincere responsiveness to customer’s needs, achieved by dealing with all customers respectfully and pleasantly, by striving to provide them with competent and excellent services, and by treating them in a consistently fair, open and honest manner.

To maintain a high sense of social responsibility in the exercise of our business, striving to provide electricity to all our customers including the most indigent in our area of service, contributing actively to the preservation of our environment, and quickly responding to the people’s needs especially during calamity situations.



An electric utility committed to contribute to the socio-economic progress and stability of the community by providing excellent service to the public in a reliable and safe manner and at the least possible cost.


Board Composition and Main Employees

The Board of Directors of Panay Electric Company is presently headed by Mariano Cacho Jr as Chairman of the Board. Its board composition composes of 70% coming from the Cacho Family with 6 board seats while the other 30% coming from First Philippine Holdings of the Lopez Family with 2 board seats.

PECO is currently managed by its President and CEO Luis Miguel A. Cacho who reports directly to the board of directors. Under him are PECO’s main people which are the 3 executives which manage all the departments of the company except internal audit which reports directly to the President and CEO. The first executive is Engr. Randy S. Pastolero, A. Vice President for Operations, who is in charge of engineering operations such as the Line Teams, Trouble Shooters, Meter Laboratory, Motor Pool, Transformer Shop, Property and Switchboard Operations. Next is Jose Maria A. Cacho, Vice President for Metering, Credit and Collection, who is in charge of Customer Applications, Accounts Receivables, Billing Complaints, Inspection Teams and Billing in general. Lastly, is Emmanuel J. Lubis, Vice President for Administration and Finance, who is in charge of Accounting, Public Relations, IT, Human Resources, Purchasing, and Legal.  All 3 executives report directly to the President and CEO.

Employee Benefits

A career in PECO has been rewarding towards many of its employees in the past and present as well. For a company based in Iloilo City, PECO gives a number of benefits which makes it very competitive locally compared to other private companies based in Iloilo City. It gives a yearly salary increase for all its regular employees, the amount depends on the performance of the employee. It also has 13th and 14th month pays for all its regular employees during the times of June and December every year. PECO employees also enjoy free seminars towards their respective fields in order to further enhance their skills in their specialized jobs. The main benefit that PECO gives out is the profit sharing scheme where in 4% of the yearly net income is divided to all its regular employees as a way of showing gratitude towards their work.  This way, many regular employees in PECO have stayed until the company retirement age of 56.