Room Safety


  •  If a certain appliance blows its fuse repeatedly, causes electric shock or trips a circuit breaker; do unplug and replace the appliance.
  •  Please do not put electrical wiring under your carpets, rugs and furniture as these could damage the wiring.
  •  When planning where to put your entertainment appliances such as TV’s, laptops, DVD’s and sound systems, refrain from putting them right next to a window. Rain could enter and the damaged appliance could cause electrocution.
  • Try not to put small metal objects in your entertainment appliances.
  • Try to make sure that your entertainment appliances are in good working condition and that their electrical cords are properly intact.
  • Always keep combustible materials away from lamps and other sources of heat
  • Lights bulbs should always be installed in a secured manner
  • Always use lights bulbs that are specified for your lighting fixture